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The UK is currently experiencing a public health emergency as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Because of this the Government has announced a range of measures to keep everyone safe. This page will help you understand how to keep your customers safe during this pandemic, and how can help you meet these requirements.

Quick, Secure & Contactless

Quick, secure & Contactless tracing for all situations

Complete Assurance

Gives complete assurance for you, your visitors and staff

Government Compliant

Complies with government requirements, data and privacy laws

Saves Time and costs

Saves time and protects your reputation

Reduces the risk of spread

Reduces the risk of spread of COVID-19 at your venue or event

Easy to Use QR CODES

Takes seconds to log your customers


  • We’ve created a QR code customers can use to check themselves in.
  • Footfall analysis will allow you to ensure there are never too many customers in your venue at one time to comply with social distancing regulations.
  • Empire33 Interactions will help you see who is currently in your venue, so you can cross check with customers before serving.
  • All data is captured in compliance with GDPR regulations
  • NO CONTRACT – starting under £1/Day

Our Solution

A consumer-centric contact tracing solution based on voluntary or mandatory check-in with consumer privacy at its heart, helping to protect personal data and control Coronavirus.

Customers scan a QR code upon entry and all customer data is kept centrally at Empire33 hospitality solutions until such a time as the NHS needs it, if the NHS do not require the information the system will automatically delete all customers information after 21 days which is required by law. 

Each venue can choose how long customers on average spend there, therefore no check out is required.


Customers check-in at the venue easily by scanning a QR code on entry or once they have been seated, with no requirement for them to download any app. Using secure GDPR Compliant infrastructure, the Venue captures and securely stores the data with the date and time of check-in.

It can then access and export the data at any time with a search / filter for any given date in response to NHS track and trace requests.

The System is based on current guidelines (legal obligation since 14.August 2020 , a £1000 fine will be issued  if you fail to comply) and can be changed easily based upon new regulations and requirements as they emerge. 

All data collected by the Check In is stored and deleted as per Government guidelines. Data is only accessible by the track and trace  account holder/NHS upon request.

Our Solution is suitable for all operators in the hospitality industry, with both single or multi-venue locations.

Let’s work together, Thank you for allowing us to help you to keep your business, employees, customers and city a bit safer